Ask AnythingBump on shaft of penis became swollen and painful today
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

I noticed a pearly, red bump on the shaft of my penis in early June. I saw a doctor about it and he diagnosed it as a harmless dermatological issue (can’t remember the exact term, but I know the first word had part of “dermatology” in it). He told me it may go away on its own or I could have it surgically removed or frozen off. I haven’t done anything about it and it’s never caused me any problems until today.

It seemed the same as the last few months this morning, but when I went to use the restroom at work I noticed the skin around it had become raised/swollen and it was tender/painful to touch. I’m wondering if it just got irritated and it will go down in a day or two, but wanted to consult this subreddit to determine if I should see a doctor or not.

Pictures here: (you can see how raised it now is from the side in the first picture)

Thank you!

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