Ask AnythingCyst on the top of my femur
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Age 23

Sex M

Height 6’1

Weight 185

Race White

Duration of complaint 7 years

Location (Geographic and on body) left and right hip

Any existing relevant medical issues (if any)

Current medications (if any)

Include a photo if relevant (skin condition for example)

Hey doctoeddit,

I’ve had severe hip pain for at least 6 years now, dating back to my sophmore year in high school where I tore my ACL.

The symptons of sciatica always sounded about right for the pain I had. I had enough and forced the doctor to give me an MRI (the pain comes and goes and is never around when I’m actually seeking help. Sometimes I can’t even get off the ground/bed it hurts so bad)

Well I got my results back today. No tears, no nerve impingements, no muscle fractures

I have just a femoral neck impingement cyst and the same one on my other side of the hip.

What the fuck? The doctor was a pretty big dick to me, can you guys dumb this down? it was 11x10x9 mm and the other was 7mm.

Is this actually serious? Are cysts usually this painful? He told me my only option was surgery or physical therapy, I had this for 6 years! Will physical therapy actually make it go away? THis is the worst pain I ever felt but I’ve never had a cyst before. Does this sound consistent?

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