Ask AnythingEyelid pain/swelling, blurry vision after car crash. Could this be serious?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

In the crash my airbag deployed during the first hit, but had deflated by the time I was hit from behind. I may have bonked my head on the steering wheel/headrest but I don’t remember much after being hit the second time.

I asked to make an appointment with my primary care doctor for a check up to make sure everything was okay, but they refused, saying they can’t handle anything relating to insurance claims in accidents.

So basically almost a week ago (a few days after the crash) my right eye started to hurt. My bottom eyelid area started to swell up and get red and irritated over the next few days, but there has yet to be any discharge or watery-ness from my actual eye. Also my head hurts right behind this eye. Once my bottom eyelid started to hurt less and stop swelling, my top eyelid swelled up and is now a little red/purply-ish. It hurts to blink and my head still hurts behind this eye a little. The most concerning thing to me is that I’m noticing blurry spots in my vision. My eye isn’t any blood-shot more than usual. I’m also extra sensitive to light now, I have to wear sunglasses outdoors or else it hurts to open my eyes.

I looked up my symptoms but can’t find anything that explains my specific symptoms, it seems like for every diagnosis I’m either missing something (like discharge or extreme redness) or I have a symptom that isn’t a symptom of that diagnosis.

I can go see my eye doctor, but I don’t have a lot of free time or extra money to be spending on an eye doctor appointment if its something very minor and will go away on its own. Help?


Swollen bottom and top eyelid; alternating Hurts to blink Blurry spots in my vision Sensitivity to light Headache right behind swollen eye Started few days after car wreck, has lasted for a week now

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