Ask AnythingGot food stuck under my fingernail
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Hey docs,

Today when cutting pumpkin, my knife tore right through the pumpkin, sliding my thumb down the side. My thumbnail peeled through the skin and jammed some pumpkin skin (rind?) right under my nail, about 1.5cm in. I grabbed some tweezers and tried to pluck it out, but it’s just mush and I can’t seem to fish any out.

I just moved, so I don’t currently have any neosporin or hydrogen peroxide, but I have been soaking my thumb in hot water for about an hour. I plan on buying medical stuff tomorrow before work.

Will I have to go to the hospital to get it cleaned? (My health insurance doesn’t activate at my new job for another month…)

What can I do to prevent infection? Do I really have to worry or will my body manage to push it out?

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