Ask AnythingI hear a voice in my head that isn’t mine, it constantly puts me down and i often feel like i’m being watched; This has often lead to me breaking down in panic. Is something wrong with me?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

A: 15

S: M

H: 165

W: ??

R: White Male

Duration: A few years, much worse now.

L: UK – Mind (i guess)

Medical Issues: None

Current Meds; None

I feel like every time i do something there is always this voice, that isn’t voice, in my head that constantly puts me down; i have no self confidence and hate everything about myself because of it, i feel like im always being followed or watched, this has lead to panic attacks and breakdowns before. Am i just being a teen or do i need to seek better help. It’s getting worse and i feel like its going to drive me insane…

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