Ask AnythingIs white puss in the back of the throat strep throat, or can it just be a cold?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Age 19, Male. Height: 5’10 I have 2 small white pus that look to be on the back of my tonsils just barely. Sore throat came on 3 days ago, then pus came. My throat isn’t hurting bad, but I am getting a runny nose and a small cough (throat hurts when I sneeze or cough, but not when I swallow anything). Honestly the runny nose is more annoying than my throat currently. I don’t have insurance and would like to just have it run its course. I’ve already had mono (last year, test came positive). Is it possible to just be sick and have white pus back there? I don’t really feel terrible, but it’s been 3 days. Is this just something simple or should I go into the doctors? I can provide pics if needed.

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