Ask AnythingOK, I going to try my best to describe this: suddenly there’s a sensation of like electric shock going from the tip of my right thumb down to opponens pollicis(?) but not all the time, only when the arm is in certain positions.
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

So when my right arm is fully extended and my palms are turned inwards facing out (in the direction like I’m lying on the ground or against a wall and my palm is flat against the wall/ground) and I close my hand there’s this pain like there’s an electric shock going from the tip of my thumb down to nearly my wrist, it’s quite painful and causes some comfortableness and some numbness. The arm has to be fully extended and my palm is facing slightly to the right, if typing is palm at zero degrees – it’s roughly thirty-five degrees facing the right.

From what I’ve gathered it only happens when the arm is fully extended and the wrist is turned outwards, I can recreate the stinging shock very consistently using those two criteria. This pain/sensation is exclusive to my right thumb, the left side seems to be perfectly fine. With my elbow bent and I can turn and use my hand completely freely with no repercussions.

I only started noticing this the last couple of weeks. I recently had to carry a heavy backpack (14-16kg) through the EU during our honeymoon, sometimes it was worn as a backpack and sometimes it was carried like a duffel bag (more if the ladder), not sure if this is the cause but I’m mentioning it as it may be relevant.

What’s happened to me? Will it ever subside? What actions should I take?

I’m Asian, Male, 34, 5’10”, 170lb.

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