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Anonymous asked 2 years ago

30 female Exercise, normal weight IBS-C (at the moment) Medications: Cymbalta Large tonsils, tonsil stones and frequent sore throat

I went to the ENT and told her the above, and she said I could get them out they’re bothering me. Is this a quick decision on her part? I know it will be super painful because of my age, and risk of bleeding/infection… but I’d still like to do it, because bad breath and sore throats. Am I crazy?

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Anonymous answered 2 years ago

I got mine removed when I was 13 or so because they became constantly inflamed. It was a pretty standard procedure, quick and easy. Probably as standard as the removal of wisdom teeth. Never had any problems again and I’m not missing them at all.

However I don’t know if that’s still standard procedure, as they do have a purpose as a defence line.

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