Ask AnythingWhat on earth bit me? Should I see a doctor?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

25 Male 5’10” 185 pounds White Day and a half Inner side of my calf No current medical issues No current medications The bite as of this evening:

I was at work yesterday (I work at a screen printing place) and felt a very sharp pain on the inner side of my calf. I’ve been stung by yellow jackets before and it felt very much like that. I never saw what it was, but I swatted at my leg several times so I guess it fell off. This evening now it itches a bit. There is what looks to be an open sore that wasn’t there yesterday, and the area around the sore as you can see has turned red, and feels tender to the touch. When I squeeze the skin there it feels much more firm that any where else on my legs.

I don’t see how it could have been a bee or a wasp. I live in northern Alabama, and we get black widows and brown recluses here. We also get small little scorpions here as well.

I don’t feel sick or dizzy or anything. The spot is just just feeling a bit sore and itchy.

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